The Snake Yard

Two new recent additions.  2012 Toffino and NERD line Desert Lemon Pastel.  The Toffino’s color is just starting to change and she looks like she is glow in the dark.  It’s very hard to capture that in pictures.

The Desert is a female but she is one the nicest looking snakes I had ever seen so I had to have her.  The blushing on her head is just insane.  Breeding season is well under way and I should have a lot of new babies in the Summer.

Caramel x Pastel Caramel clutch.  I love caramels.  They get a bad name because of their potential to kink.  I have been lucky so far!  I hatched out two pastels and two caramels in this clutch.  The other pastel was still in the egg when I took these pictures.  I put both a caramel and pastel caramel male with this female so I was hoping for a super pastel caramel.  I thought the one if the middle may have been a super but she is just a pastel.

The 19 gram male on the right side of these pictures was a twin but the twin died in the egg.  All 4 babies are doing well and going into their intial shed now. 

Picture of a 2011 Super Fire. Not one yellow scale on her.

Just hatched out this little guy. I am pretty sure this is a Pastel Super Mojave and he is 100% het. Ghost.

He has an almost white head, not your typical purplish/gray that most Super Mojave’s have.

He is from Ghost Mojave to Pastel Mojave. He is a keeper for now.

Sitting in perfect coil.  She is about to blow.  Should have eggs in the next day or so.

First eggs for 2012.

Caramel het. ghost with my pastel caramel female.  She has only gotten nicer looking with age.  Caramels get a bad rap for kinking and it is very unfortunate that they do because they are beautiful snakes.  The Pastels and Super Pastels are as nice as any ball python out there…regardless of price.

Spied Female with High White Pied Male.  Should produce some great looking babies


Ghost Mojave (M) x Pastel Mojave (F)….should get some nice Super Mojave het. ghost, pastels het. ghost, etc.  As a baby this female had incredible color.